As we head into 2021, we can look back at the truly unique year that was 2020, and see clearly what we’ve lost and learned. For example, we lost the ability to travel freely, and to go on weekend road trips on a whim. What we’ve learned is just how valuable these road trips can be—how important it is to have that sense of adventure in your life. As the song goes, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, after all.

But with a new year comes a hopeful, if abstract promise of change. As we inch our way out of the global pandemic that shocked the world, it’s easier to look forward to hitting the road again, and going on the adventures we missed in 2020.

When that time comes, the MINI Countryman will be ready. The iconic automaker’s subcompact luxury crossover SUV was built for those moments: long, liberating drives from the city to the outskirts or the countryside, in pursuit of adventure and nothing less. Here’s why:

It’s up to spec for adventure.

Before we get to the more obvious reasons why the MINI Countryman is a great vehicle for your post-pandemic head-out-on-the-highway road trip, let’s run through its specs. The standard MINI Cooper S Countryman has an eight-speed transmission and an output of 192hp and 280Nm of torque, which are great for a vehicle in its segment, making it more than capable in different scenarios.

Beyond that, it also has a range of convenient features like Parking Assistant, and crucially, a five-star safety rating from the European New Car Assessment Programme or Euro NCAP.

It’s got the space you need.

The MINI Countryman remains to be the brand’s largest model—the least mini of all MINIs, so to speak. It sits up to five people and carries up to 1,390L of boot volume with the rear seats folded down. That’s enough space for a family or a close-knit group of friends—both ideal road trip parties—and the gear you’ll need to make the trip worthwhile.

And if you find a moment to bask in the presence of the great outdoors, the MINI Countryman has exactly what you need for that: a two-seater picnic bench at the back, where you can sit comfortably with a plus one.

It’s a full suite inside.

Let’s dispense with modesty—the MINI Countryman is a good-looking car, period. One look inside and you’ll see that its iconic exterior shape is well complemented by posh interiors. Leather seats, ample legroom, luxurious accents across the dash and pretty much all over the car—yes, yes, and yes. Plus it’s got an 8.8-inch infotainment hub with MINI Connected, which hooks up to your phone wirelessly.

These are just some of the many compelling reasons why the MINI Countryman can and should be the ride with which you celebrate our eventual liberation from lockdown. But the MINI Countryman can well present you with more such reasons, because as with any MINI, it’s highly customizable. The seats, the colors, the lights, the dashboard—MINI lets you customize these to your liking, so your MINI Countryman is not only an excellent road trip companion, but one that’s unique to your style.

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