Under the festive wreaths of Uptown Mall BGC’s Christmas decor, the excited chatter of a Friday-night crowd gathers around five scooters on display. It’s December 6, and Vespa is launching a limited-edition bike. The scooter in question takes center stage, shrouded by a cover and a festive red bow. The crowd mills about, waiting, taking pictures.

After some minutes, a space is cleared. “For documentation,” goes the explanation. That doesn’t stop a group of teens from walking through and loitering, oblivious to forces gently ushering the crowd back.

The unmistakable intro to Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ blares from the speakers as the seemingly random scatter of oblivious teens moves into formation. “This hit, that ice cold, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold…” They dance until the end of the song, a young flash mob dressed in vibrant hues and brimming with high energy.

As the song fades out, they disperse just as unceremoniously as they appeared, handing out card stock printouts from Vespa to the crowd. Left uncovered in the center of the open floor, the brand-new Primavera S SE gleams in tomato orange.

What’s the big deal about this brand-new Vespa? Like most limited editions, it’s all about image. The scooter’s exclusivity hangs on its looks. Before you even get your hands on a model, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be one of only a handful in the country who’ll have the scooter in the limited-edition colors Tomato Orange and Silver Gray.

Does the new Primavera S SE really speak to the Filipino love for the limited? Time for you to weigh in.

[source: TopGear PH]